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The Lipologist mixing lab is the concept of an industry expert and beauty buyer who has spent over 17 years in luxury brands and product development. Having created products for brands and retailers she has spent most of her time in labs, mixing, creating and producing products.


This quickly developed into a passion with colour, finish and effects and an appreciation the artisan craft of mixing truly bespoke products for herself, friends and family. Matching just the perfect shade or just the right finish for her clients.


The Lipologist mixing lab now allows you to design your own beauty- we can create your own bespoke lip wardrobe, make a custom colour creation or even produce a range of customised products for you- all in our beautiful mixing lab.


Please email info@thelipologist.com to make an appointment or to sign up for our next event.


Come to our Lab to create your perfect match. Your personal lipologist will customize your lipstick finish, colour, scent and packaging. 


Our ingredients are sourced in Europe and the USA. These formulations are expertly blended for you by our lipologists.


Need a Lipologist to come to you for a private event, contact us for this VIP service.